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To insure your delivery goes off without a hitch. 

  • Make sure any obstacles are out of the drivers way, the truck and trailer are 75' long and will need space to maneuver around your property. 

  • You will want the ground as level as possible for the doors to work properly.

  • Know exactly where you want your container placed before the driver arrives.

  • If the container is going in a parking lot, please have the parking spaces blocked off

  • Please keep in mind the delivery truck & trailer weigh up to   lbs.  Soft surfaces such as mud, melting snow, wet grass can cause the truck to sink and get stuck.  Driver may decide ground is to soft and has the right to refuse delivery.  You will be charged a dry run fee which is equal to your delivery cost.


Please make sure there is enough space for the truck to make WIDE turns, get between gates, or other obstructions, and safely set up for delivery.

Consider the amount of space needed by our vehicles in order to deliver a container to your site.  Storage containers are delivered on a roll-off trailer; therefore, we need a minimum of 20′ overhead.

Container size        Space Needed
20 ft                         50 ft (short truck)

20 ft                        100 ft (long truck)
40 ft                        110 ft
45 ft                        115 ft

* The space needed is measured from where container first hits the ground then forward*


Doors of the container can be loaded to ways. You will need to know this when booking your delivery. Consider whether the driver will need to back in, or can pull straight through to unload your container.

There is a $75.00-$200.00 flip fee if we have to unload the container, reload, then unload it again.

Price is based on difficulty and time it takes to flip your container. Payment will have to be given to the driver before he will flip the container.

  • Doors to the CAB means the doors of the container will come of last.

  • Doors to the REAR means the doors of the container will come off first.


We will do our best to let you know when your delivery will take place.  Because of, weather, traffic, road work, unforeseen accidents or delays, as well as other deliveries we have scheduled we can not give you an exact time when we will be there.

Please be available by phone the day of your delivery, Our driver will call you when he is at the yard loading your container with an estimated ETA. 

Make sure you have ample time to arrive at your property before the driver.



A $75.00 per 1/2 hour detention fee will apply if delivery of your container takes longer then 1/2 hour per container.


If for any reason our drivers are unable to safely deliver, you will be charged a dry run fee equal to the delivery charge.  So please make sure you are ready.
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